Last evening I received a call from the San Diego Black Film Festival and the documentary is IN! No word on the schedule but the website indicates that the schedule should be released around the first of the year.  I’ll keep you posted. With any luck, KeKe Sheppard will interview me on the red carpet :-) I am honored to be selected.

From the website: “As the San Diego Black Film Festival enters its 9th year, we’re more excited than ever. The event continues to experience tremendous growth and is now one of the largest black film festivals in the country and second largest on the west coast. Our motto is “Spotlight on African American and African Diaspora Cinema.” We screen over 100 films each year: Comedy, Drama, Documentaries, Animation, GLBT, Horror, Religious, Foreign/African Diaspora, Shorts, Feature Films and music videos.

As the first and largest black film festival of the year, numerous film festival reps from all over the country attend the San Diego Black Film Festival to scout new films for their event. Simply put, each year the San Diego Black Film Festival will premiere a large percentage of the films that will go on success throughout the year at other film festivals nationally and internationally.”

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