A Cleveland, Ohio native, Sterling Clark has been a professional comic creator, writer and artist since 1991. That’s when his unique creation, The Renegade, was published by Rip-Off Press.

Sterling’s work on characters, stories and artwork for subsequent projects like Renegade: Night Slayer and Blood Seekers led to an opportunity to produce a full-page, full-colorSpawn pin-up for an issue of Image Comic’s wildly popular character (visit our online gallery to see the pin-up). Sterling went on to produce original stories and art for Vibes MagazineBig Bang ComicsGauntlet Press and Cinemaker Press.

This prolific creator’s work includes two graphic novels featuring his supernatural adventurerOmar Lennyx, and the award-winning Tales From The Motherland, a graphic novel based on African folktales and mythology.

Expanding on a story from Tales From the Motherland, Sterling developed a comic strip centered around the female warrior Ntombinde (pronounced “in-tum-BEN-dee”). In 2009, the strip debuted in a major national test market, Fort Wayne, Ind., in INK, a bi-weekly community newspaper.

With imaginative stories, exciting art and vivid coloring (by colorist Terry Huddleston),Ntombinde is popular with readers of all ages across all demographic groups.


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