About Mike Sales

I publish comics because of love and frustration.

I was introduced to comics as a kid. I loved them immediately. The way words and art blended together sparked my imagination and gave me a never-ending outlet for my creative impulses. I am a grown man now, but a good comic still gives me a rush just like when I was a little boy sitting on my Big Mama’s front porch, dreaming of jumping from building to building like Spiderman.

Then I grew up and I became frustrated with American comics. I was a young black man who grew up on hip hop, MTV, and video games, but in the comic world, nobody ever looked like me, talked like me, or thought like me. In comic book land, the heroes have military jets to get them from place to place, tons of money to throw at their problems, and the power of gods. Meanwhile, I was a regular guy dealing with crack violence, bad roommates and a mean boss who wouldn’t give me a raise. MY LIFE was the “true realness”, while the world of Superman – with his crystallized, glittering FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE and his invulnerability to all harm – was fake, a comic version of THE LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS. I wanted something closer to my life, with stories filled with dramatic tension and plotlines that were fanciful and fun and engaging, but still rooted in the I dealt with every day.

A decade passed before I finally did something about it. Eventually, after much thought, study and prayer, I created TYPE ILLY PRESS. TYPE, because that’s I do when I write my stories, and ILLY because my stories are ILL (as in surprising and unexpected and unsettling.)

The consistent mission of Type Illy Press is to produce nothing but 100% comic book HEAT that remains entertaining and thought provoking. The combination of eye popping artwork, unique plotting, and realistic dialogue remains a hallmark of Type Illy comics. We strive to bring a new, fresh perspective to every endeavor, and in all that we do we seek to stray true to our core mission: Change The Game.

That’s where the story began. Wanna see where it goes next?

Ride with me


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