My man Jarrrett “King” Williams, a very talented documentary filmmaker and former student of mine just informed me that the doc was just selected for the International Black Man Film Festival (IBMFF). Huge. The IBMFF is an important event for it is one of the few (the only?) festivals that offers the audience films that critically engage the experience of Black Men. Consider the goals of the IBMFF (from the website)

  • offer a variety of films showing Black male culture and style, creativity and spirituality, problems and possibilities
  • present images of Black men as positive role models
  • offer a critical view of Black men related to issues such as domestic violence and the HIV crisis
  • help transform the Black male image in the mass media
  • expand our understanding of Black men in their variety, depth and complexity
  • explore issues such as relationships, human rights, health, personal growth, spirituality
  • provide sessions where Black men can talk about issues raised in the films, in their own lives and in the larger community
  • provide a forum where Black men and Black women, and people from all races, can dialogue
  • showcase the works of Black male filmmakers and all other filmmakers
  • highlight the importance of preserving and enhancing Black film and Black culture worldwide

Many thanks to the founder of the festival, Yemi Toure, for his vision and dedication to this unique event. The festival will be held at the Auburn Avenue Research Library on 20, November, 2010. Hope to see you there!

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