About Korby Marks:

(From stormbringers.com) My mother is a librarian. And every week my father would take my brother and me to her library where we’d check out several books at a time to read and let our minds run free across the fields of whatever we imagined.

I read everything from juvenile fiction to juvenile non-fiction and as I got older teen and adult fiction and non-fiction with a smattering of comic books in-between. But it was the visual nature of comic books that fascinated me most…and I began to imagine my own comic book stories and heroes and villains starring people of color.

I began writing and creating the Stormbringer Universe sometime in 8th grade. But I largely put it aside in high school because grades and high school girls seemed more important than writing and daydreaming at the time.

Years later as a junior in college writing and daydreaming were my major. I received a degree in Mass Media Arts -w- a concentration in Film. And I started thinking about Stormbringers again and wrote the first full length comic book script on it.

I continued to develop Stormbringers over the years and hired a series of freelance artists who assisted me in bringing the images inside my head to life and ultimately to comic book stores and conventions across the country.

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