I have had the good fortune of meeting a number of incredible artists as I worked on this project.  In fact, most of these people are more than artists. They are critics, commentators and scholars in their own right (see my note on false distinctions here). While I was unable to interview all of them (tight budget), their work both inside and outside of the “mainstream” (or “Eurostream” according to Yumy Odom) inspired me to keep the fires burning on this independent project. I have included links to their pages below. This BY NO MEANS an exhaustive list. It would take years to develop complete catalog of the work of these talented men and women. In fact, blacksuperhero.com and blackcomix are much better resources for those interested in learning more about these artists. I simply offer attention to those that I have been fortunate enough to meet along the way. Enjoy!

Afua Richardson
Alex Simmons
Kids ComicCon
Alex Simmons Here and Now
Brotherman Comics (Dawud Anyabwile and Guy Sims)
Brotherman: Revelation Graphic Novel Rough Sketch Teaser
Brotherman Comics
Dawalo Jabari Anderson
Dwayne McDuffie
Dwayne McDuffie’s imdb page
Dwayne McDuffie’s wikipedia page
Eric Battle
First World Komix (Yumy Odom)
Hudlin Entertainment
Jaycen Wise
Jaycen Wise (Uraeus) on Deviant Art
Jaycen Wise (Uraeus) on facebook
Jaycen Wise (Uraeus) on Indiegogo
John Jennings
Black Comix
J2D2 Arts (John Jennings and Damian Duffy)
Korby Marks’ Stormbringers and Glorious
Michael Sales (Southside Nefertiti)
N. Steven Harris
Rob Stull
Rob Taylor
Saint G. (Juan Arevalo and Rafael Nieves)
Shawn Alleyne
Shawn Alleyne on Deviant Art
Shawn Alleyne on MYSPACE
Sterling Clark and Studio S Productions
The M City Defender (Omar Bilal’s new book)
Tony Isabella
Tony Isabella on Facebook
Tony Isabella’s Message Board
Tony Isabella’s Website
Urban Style Comics (Andre Batts)
World of Hurt (Jay Potts)