This site is designed to deliver information about this documentary project and trace the development of the project to its final conclusion – whatever that may be. I also want this site to highlight some of the wonderful people that I have met “along the way” in my efforts to complete this project. The list still grows! I cannot adequately communicate how accessible, warm, encouraging and open people have been as I have traveled from coast to coast collecting footage for the documentary. Further, I want to share with you the vibrant communities of artists, scholars and activists that continue to make important contributions to more humane and self-actualized representations of African-Americans, and truthfully, humanity itself. Please know that assigning such limiting labels to these dynamic people is much more about organizing the site for you than offering some objective description of their contributions to this project, to the academy or to the genre. Many (most?) of them cannot adequately be described with one label. So check out the artists featured here, take a look at the scholars featured here, and do not forget the Black Age and the trailblazers responsible for the growing Black Age movement. I will TRY to keep the site updated via my blog. With any luck, there will be plenty of posts on film festival selections. Anyway, I truly believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats” and it is my hope that this site serves all that have been willing to share some of their time with me.